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Executive malpractice

Submitted by Simon on Fri, 02/03/2012 - 6:08pm

It's hard to overstate just how completely the folks running Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure have managed to screw a charity that does such important work.

Earlier this week, Komen alienated a huge swath of pro-choicers by announcing that it would cut off funding for abortion industry mothership Planned Parenthood. Now, I'll go out on a limb here and say that those people are gone. They aren't coming back. Komen has, in their view, betrayed their trust and they will henceforth give money directly to Planned Parenthood; they will not be mollified by some kind of humiliating climbdown by Komen.

But the math was pretty clear to me: If you're trying to do work in an area that doesn't divide people, it makes no sense to hook up with an intensely divisive organization that instantly alienates about half your audience without commensurate benefit. Unsurprisingly, and mirroring the outrage on that side, there was something approaching delight elsewhere. Komen does important work, and their association with PP has long precluded support support from Catholics and other pro-lifers; what support there was came by-and-large from those who just didn't know about the association. In the wake of the news, just as outraged pro-choicers were announcing their intention to take their money and walk away from Komen, Komen's donations went through the roof.

So things stood this morning. Around lunchtime, however, Komen made a humiliating and foolish volte-face, announcing that they will keep supporting PP after all.

It's quite incredible that a group that does such important work could be run by such a bunch of boneheads. In the space of a week, they've alienated everyone. As I've said, getting in bed with an intensely divisive organization like PP only hurts the cause for which Komen works, and yet they've just antagonized people on both sides of that divide. The folks who sided with PP are gone, and quite sensibly won't return because Komen has lost their trust; now Komen has lost the trust of the people who were elated by the move, and we won't return either. Earlier in the week, Komen set itself up to thrive; today it's jumped off a cliff.

And it doesn't end there. Here's a comment that someone left on the Central Indiana Komen facebook page, one that ideally captures the other problem: "This is so wrong. I did not know [Komen] gave to Planned Parent hood and now that i do they will not get a dime from me and I am sure their are millions who did not know this." So, great job, Komen: You've not only lost the pro-choice folks, but in doing so, you've also managed to advertise that you support PP, further constricting your pro-life support base.

So apparently incompetent has been Komen's performance that one almost wonders if this is a deliberate attempt to fly the plane into a cliff—but there are surely easier ways to wind up a charity. (The people who hired Komen's managers should look up "fiduciary duty" and call their lawyers.) You can't please all the people all the time, but it's a foolish strategy indeed to alienate everyone at once. There's no way back from this; Komen is dead.

It's hard to disagree--I think the pronouncement of death may be

a bit premature, but they surely have suffered a critical wound. Count me amomgst those who didn't know that Komen supported PP until this morning. It really is amazing how badly this was handled. I do think it's often wise policy to avoid these quagmires altogether--which is one of the reasons I've become increasingly unsettled by the new contraception mandates put forth by HHS--there really is no clean and safe way to handle this without pissing somebody off.

"There's no way back from

"There's no way back from this; Komen is dead." And isn't that precisely the stake to that heart that Planned Parenthood wants to wield in its sphere of influence. The PP Death Star feigns innocence as a helpful charity, and everyone looks the other way while it uses the charity to further twist minds to see abortion as a respectable, normal and guilt-free act -- while its for-profit wing of abortion on demand clinics benefits enormously from the public relations done by the charity with tax-free donations and government grants. Now PP has morphed into a protection racket, and other charities better return PP's call -- if they know what's good for 'em.

The Anchoress

LifeSiteNews has a nice piece on PP trying to dupe and then bully a St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. The PP racketeering is in full swing, what a coincidence that HHS is issuing its anti-life mandates now. hat tip: The Anchoress.

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