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Who's Your Nanny?

Submitted by Tully on Mon, 09/10/2007 - 9:33am

Jan Perry is!

The City Council will be asked this fall to consider an up to two-year moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in South L.A., a part of the city where fast food is at least as much a practicality as a preference.

"The people don't want them, but when they don't have any other options, they may gravitate to what's there," said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who proposed the ordinance in June, and whose district includes portions of South L.A. that would be affected by the plan.

Uh huh. They "don't want them" so bad that the market supports that many.

A Times analysis of the city's roughly 8,200 restaurants found that South Los Angeles has the highest concentration of fast-food eateries. Per capita, the area has fewer eating establishments of any kind than the Westside, downtown or Hollywood, and about the same as the Valley. But a much higher percentage of those are fast-food chains.

I am shocked--shocked!--to discover that South LA has fewer fine dining opportunites than Hollywood. That a lower-income section of a major urban metro leans more towards Hardee's than haute cuisine. That an area known for high unemployment and crime and pervasive poverty does not support at least a half-dozen three-star eateries featured in the upcoming Michelin Guide to LA.

"While limiting fast-food restaurants isn't a solution in itself, it's an important piece of the puzzle," said Mark Vallianatos, director of the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College.

This is "bringing health policy and environmental policy together with land-use planning," he said. "I think that's smart, and it's the wave of the future."

The Center for Food and Justice? Your tax dollars at work. But they have the grand unified solution to the problems of South LA. More Tante Louise, less Taco Bell!

South L.A. has lots of fast-food restaurants because these restaurants do well in areas where people might not want to spend $15 on lunch, said Dennis Lombardi, executive vice president of Foodservice Strategies at WD Partners, a restaurant consulting firm that works with Red Lobster, Jamba Juice and Fatburger, among others.

...Restricting new restaurants to full-service, sit-down spots is "like saying we're not going to allow anybody to sell Chevrolets anymore because we want people to buy nothing but Mercedes-Benzes," consultant Lombardi said. "It's convoluted logic. If the objective is to get full-service, upscale casual dining restaurants in an area, I think the first step is finding out why they're not coming in an area, then start addressing those, and start by incentivizing."

This I gotta see.

But You're Forgetting About The Little People

See, the way to fix bad eating habits is by building more Applebees and fewer Taco Bells. Better yet, build a Whole Foods and a Sprouts in South LA, that should fix things.

I swear, people shouldn't be allowed to run for office, any office, without taking a test on statistics that heavily emphasizes the concepts of correlation as opposed to causation.

Yeah, that's it! If food

Yeah, that's it! If food were just more expensive, poor people wouldn't eat so much, and that pesky obesity thing would solve itself! How come WE never thought of that?

I've never dug into it in depth, but in my travels into the third world I never found any other nation where obesity was closely associated with poverty. Quite the opposite, for some odd reason.

Well, our corn, sugar, and

Well, our corn, sugar, and wheat subsidies ensure that poor people can eat as many useless carbs as they want; they get fat and unhealthy.

Personally, I would not want to imagine a world where drive-through Dunkin Donuts shops were not allowed. That would do worse things for my blood pressure than an iced coffee after a hard night of drinking.

the Center for Food and

the Center for Food and Justice ??? I love the picture. Are they pointing a gun at those kids? They look awfully scared.

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